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Ford Mustang Lithium

While waiting for the 100% electric Ford SUV inspired by the Mustang, the American brand is striking a big blow in Las Vegas by presenting a wickedly powerful 100% electric Mustang with an unprecedented 6-speed manual gearbox: a passionate anachronism.

Ford prides itself on having invested no less than $11.5 million in the electrification of its vehicles. The Ford Escape and Ford Explorer Hybrid were launched in the market this year. In 2020, the brand's bestseller in the United States will follow, namely the Ford F-150 pickup. In the next few years, a 100% electric version of this best-selling mastodon on the North American market will follow. You will also be able to discover our exclusive photos of the brand's new electric SUV very soon.

Lowered by 1.5 centimeters compared to a classic Mustang, the “Lithium” assumes its bestial side with 20-inch Forgeline rims associated with Michelin Pilot Sport tires. An unprecedented 6-speed manual gearbox associated with the electric motor takes place in the model to simulate driving sensations equivalent to a thermal vehicle. A wide band covers the body of the car from the hood to the trunk with a design on the theme of digital and electrical flows. Two windows are also cut into the bonnet to reveal the mechanical components… less demonstrative than on a model equipped with a good old unleaded fuel engine. In the cabin, a wave of turquoise inserts take place on the air vents, the steering wheel and the central console. The Mustang Lithium is equipped with a large 10.4-inch tablet in the center of the dashboard, mimicking the benchmark for premium electric Tesla.

On the mechanical side, the engine develops more than 1350 Nm of torque and 660 kW of pure electrical power, or 900 hp in equivalence in the thermal world. Everything is powered by an 800-volt battery developed by Webasto. Four driving modes can be selected to control the beast, and, it is the case to say it, because the most extreme mode takes the evocative name of “Beast”: a whole program.

Would you like to see her in Granby?

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Ford Mustang Lithium

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